Memories of an afternoon trip to West Kirby from Wallasey circa1930

Two families of one mother each and six children, four boys and two girls, boarded the steam train at Wallasey Grove Road for our "adventure" to West Kirby. In those days trains ran mainly to Birkenhead Park, where we "all changed" to the West Kirby steam train. After passing all the stopping stations to West Kirby we arrived and disembarked. In those days West Kirby had two stations, the secondary static took you to Hooton, where you joined the line from Birkenhead and was run by the Great Western Railway. Journeying down Dee Lane towards the shore, we encountered a stiff breeze and decided to go to Ashton Park to escape the sand being blown from the beach.


After a walk to see the "sights" on th promenade, we turned inland crossing Banks Road and Westbourne Road and into the park by the Church Road entrance. We were carrying sandwiches and "pop" as we called it then and on settling down to devour all this, it was decided to save crumbs for the ducks in the lake. However, movements among the trees took ournotice and we had a good view of squirrels trying to get at our crumbs. A first view of a live squirrel for the writer of this article.


Suddenly there was, in the distance, the shriek of a steam train whistle, a train bound for all stations to Hooton was about to pass. All the children about got up and raced with excited voices towards the railings bordering the railway line. Soon the train appeared, a little green tank-style engine pulling about three coaches. We all shrieked at the engine driver in his cab, and this was acknowledged by the driver waving at us. This was the height of our afternoon out, and soon we were all packing up our belongings and walking back to the railway station, where six excited children soon tired on their way home. Our journey to Ashton Park had been a great success.